Each month we are are fortunate to have many talented healers, practitioners, artists, writers lead interesting and informative workshops and talks at Nourishment Day. The next Nourishment Day is Sunday 26th March 2017

Wisdom Pain, Wisdom Medicine

Do you ever get stressed? Sick? Depressed? Anxious?
Do you have a health problem that won’t go away?
How do you treat yourself when you are not well? Do you take prescription medicines? Is that because you know no other way?
If you are interested in learning about a more holistic approach, one that activates your own healing powers to help you heal yourself, this talk is for you

Wisdom medicine depends on insight, an understanding of the meaning behind the pain, the life-lesson that looks like blocks in our life, but in fact represents what we need to learn in order to evolve.

Homeopathy is wisdom medicine because of the following qualities:

• Holistic, recognizing the psychoneuroendocrinoimmunology so vital to our well-being.
• Tailor-made to the individual, recognizing what is unique, what distinguishes one person from another with same diagnosis.
• Self-healing abilities of the body are what it promotes, leading to long-lasting cure
• Symptoms valued as an expression of our defense mechanism attempting to restore balance. What is the message our life force is attempting to convey?
• Similarity as the principle behind what is medicinal to our life force. In the search for a substance in nature, either plant, animal, or mineral, that is similar to our nature, we use symptoms as our guide.
• Bioenergy, rather than biochemistry. Our life force is a mysterious energy that produces symptoms when we are out of balance, and heals those symptoms when balance is restored.
• No harmful side-effects.
• Ecologically friendly. Our pharmaceutical industry is complicit in the devastation of our ecosystem.

After my talk, for a nominal fee, I will be available for homeopathic mini-consultations throughout the day. First come, first serve.